The mission of APPD LEARN is to conduct meaningful educational research that advances the training of future Pediatricians by developing and promoting participation and collaboration in research by program directors for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of children. Our vision is to advance exemplary pediatric education through collaborative educational research by Pediatric program directors.

APPD LEARN pursues its mission through the following interconnected activities:

  • Managing a collaborative research network of Pediatric Programs working together to conduct multi-site studies of educational methods and instruments
  • Maintaining an online repository of educational research study materials, raw data, and findings for dissemination to APPD members and collaborators
  • Promoting learning opportunities to enhance educational research participation and scholarship by Program Directors
  • Providing expert consultation for research conducted within APPD LEARN
  • Communicating regularly with the APPD membership and the larger medical education community about activities, opportunities, and outcomes
  • Exploring, conducting, and coordinating research with other organizations and initiatives across a continuum of medical and non-medical education