Studies Currently Ongoing

Validity of resident self-assessment using Pediatrics Milestones

PIs: Su-Ting Li (UC Davis) and Kimberly Gifford (Dartmouth-Hitchcock)

Synopsis: This study seeks to describe pediatric resident self-assessment of competence using the Pediatrics Milestones for 21 ACGME-selected sub-competencies, and characterize and explain variation in agreement between pediatric resident self-assessment, external assessments based on Pediatrics Milestones, and overall summative assessments of resident performance.

Status: Data collection was completed in June 2014. Data analysis and manuscript preparation will begin.

New Professionalism Challenges in Medical Training: An Exploration of Social Networking

PI: Jennifer Kesselheim (Harvard)

Synopsis: This study surveys pediatric trainees to explore their perceptions of and experiences with social networking sites and training program policies around social media.

Status: Data collection is complete for this study.

Assessment of Pediatrics Milestones Pilot

PI: Patricia Hicks, MD (CHOP); Steve Clyman, PhD (NBME); Alan Schwartz, PhD (UIC)

Synopsis: In partnership with the NBME, this study seeks to test the feasibility of a set of assessment instruments constructed from nine Pediatrics Milestones. Instruments are designed to inform decisions about readiness to serve in the inpatient pediatric wards, based on ratings of direct observations recorded on handheld devices. Study instruments include: structured clinical observations for rounds and history taking; a multisource feedback instrument; and, Pediatrics Milestones Classification assessment form. Study learners include interns and sub-interns, with faculty, residents, and nurses serving as raters. Features include collection of de-identified learner data in APPD LEARN, individualized learner feedback, faculty development materials for rater and feedback provider training. Outcomes from this study will be used to inform further development of the Pediatrics Milestones and APPD LEARN.

Status: Data collection ended June 2013. Data analyses and manuscript writing in progress.

The New Duty Hour Regulations--Were Changes Necessary? A Survey of Pediatric Program Directors

PI: Hilary Haftel, MD (University of Michigan)

Synopsis: This study seeks to identify what, if any, changes in Pediatric Residency Program structure were necessary to achieve compliance with the new DHR by July 2011. This specifically includes any changes to the amount or periods of resident work hours, changes in supervision, and changes in external or internal moonlighting

Status: Data collection complete.

Past Studies