Benefits of Membership

APPD LEARN members receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to participate in research studies advancing Pediatrics Graduate Medical Education (GME)
  • Eligibility to propose new research studies to be conducted by APPD LEARN, including assistance with:
    • Designing studies and preparing proposals
    • IRB processes
    • Project Management
  • Access to CME-designated APPD LEARN training opportunities
  • Additional evidence in support of ACGME program requirement II.B.5 (The faculty must establish and maintain an environment of inquiry and scholarship with an active research component)

While an APPD LEARN member program is participating in a research study, it becomes an active member. APPD LEARN active members receive:

  • Early access to new educational methods and tools developed through APPD LEARN
  • Opportunities for group authorship or acknowledgment in study publications
  • Public and professional recognition for participation in educational research
  • Access to consultation by educational research specialists