Any APPD LEARN member program is eligible to submit a research proposal. APPD member programs that are not already APPD LEARN member programs must join APPD LEARN before or at the time of submission of a research proposal. Proposals may include collaborators who are not members of APPD LEARN, but an APPD LEARN member program must be the lead site for the proposal.

Proposals from APPD LEARN member programs may designate any affiliated faculty member(s) of any rank as project investigators, including principal investigator. However, all proposals must be approved by the Program Director and Department Head of the member program, and should be submitted by the program’s APPD LEARN liaison.

All studies that collect data through APPD LEARN are required to deposit their approved protocols and data into the APPD LEARN data repository in order to make them available to future investigators. Publications arising from APPD LEARN studies must acknowledge APPD LEARN and their manuscripts must be provided to APPD LEARN for archiving alongside the study data.