Proposal Format

Proposals should include the following components, combined into a single PDF file in the order listed. All components should be formatted in 11 point Helvetica or Arial font, single-spaced, and with margins of at least 0.5 inches on all sides.

  1. Download the APPD LEARN proposal face page. This page should be saved, filled out, printed, signed, and scanned with signatures.
  2. Specific aims (1 page limit). Include the research question to be answered and/or hypotheses to be tested.
  3. Background and significance (2 page limit). Explain why the research question is important, and how this study will add to existing literature in the area of the research question. In reviewing the literature, be selective, rather than exhaustive, favoring the most important previous work.
  4. Data to be collected (2 page limit). Describe the data collection requirements. What will each participating program have to do to collect data? (Include specific instruments in the Appendix described below). When and how often will data collection occur at each program?
  5. Programs and sample (2 page limit). Describe the number and nature of programs and/or residents to be involved, and justify these choices. Explain any inclusion, exclusion, or selection criteria to be used for sampling programs or residents.
  6. Data analysis (2 page limit). Describe the plan for analysis of the data obtained. Organize the plan by each research question to be answered or hypothesis to be tested.
  7. Investigators (1 page limit). List the proposing principal investigator and other investigators. For each, briefly list their qualifications and explain their role in the project.
  8. Support obtained or needed (optional, 1 page limit). If the project has obtained internal or external support, describe it here. If the project requires resources other than data collection sites, not available at the proposing program, please explain them here. Examples might include technological support, human resources, etc. Proposals that require substantial resources may not be feasible for APPD LEARN without outside support.
  9. Appendices (no page limit):
    • Copies of all study instruments
    • Biosketch of principal investigator (NIH format encouraged:
    • If IRB approval has already been obtained at the member program (as the projects lead site), include a copy of the approval or exemption letter. IRB approval or exemption will be required before the project can begin, but need not be obtained before submitting the proposal; APPD LEARN staff will assist in the IRB application for successful proposals.

Investigators, particularly new investigators, seeking support for proposal preparation are encouraged to email the APPD LEARN Director, who can provide consultation on study design, analysis plan, and other aspects of the proposal.