Review Process

Proposals are reviewed three times per year by the APPD LEARN Proposal Review Committee (PRC) and APPD LEARN Director. Review cycles will group proposals submitted January 1-April 30, May 1-August 31, and September 1-December 31.

Criteria applied by the APPD LEARN PRC will include:

  • Significance of the research question (including importance for Pediatric GME or medical education)
  • Quality of the research plan (including study design, instrumentation, data analysis)
  • Feasibility for APPD LEARN

Each proposal will be assigned a primary reviewer and at least two secondary reviewers. Reviewers will write narratives about each criterion and will assign each proposal an overall rating of excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.

The Committee may make comments or suggest modifications to proposed studies to enhance any of these components. Committee recommendations are advisory. Final decisions about proposal approval or rejection will be made by the APPD LEARN Director.

Detailed review process information for CFP-2012-1 is available at this link